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Sideline and Locker Room Chairs

With high school and college basketball seasons kicking off, Spec Seats is proud to be the #1 source and official seating supplier to the NCAA for team bench, scorers table, locker room, and VIP courtside seating. These chairs can be customized in different school colors with screen print, embroidery, or embossed logos. We offer different widths and taller heights up to 30" tall to accommodate players and spectators. Our Model CS100 (left image below) and DS100 (center image below) padded folding chairs have been the chosen chairs for sidelines and locker rooms across the country for many years. Our new upgraded versions are the ABS700 (right image below) and PS100 which have larger profile backs, contour saddle seats, and injected molded foam for additional comfort.

The below images are a great example of our team bench and courtside chairs used at the Breslin Center for Michigan St. University. Their goal was to update their team bench and courtside seating for a more modern look and to include their team colors and logo. For the team benches, they selected our Model DS100 and added taller bench chairs at 22" inches tall with our Model ABS700. To give their fans the ultimate premium comfort, they selected our PS100 VIP courtside chair.

Model DS100
PS100 VIP Courtside Chair

Customization: Team Bench, Locker Room Chairs, and More

Seat Heights

Choosing multiple style chairs in different seat heights is a great way to upgrade your premium seating areas without needing to build seating risers. A great example of customizing seat heights is a recent project at NC State University. Their goal was to have 3 rows of courtside seats without needing to build a deck or riser. To accomplish this, we provided our Model PS100 used as the first row seat at a 19" seat height, the second row with our PS100 at a 22" seat height, and the 3rd row with our Model ABS800C at a 26" seat height with an added foot stand (foot stands eliminate dangling legs and adds comfort on heights above 23" tall). NC State also designed the chairs with a customized logo featuring the NC State Courtside Club logo.

First Row: PS100 19" Height, Second Row: PS100 22" Height, Third Row: ABS800C 26" Height


If space allows it, some schools will add a removable or permanent armrest with a cupholder for the true authentic VIP treatment. This eliminates the need for spectators to place their drinks on the floor that could lead to easy spills and possible game stoppage. Some great images of armrests used at venues throughout the country are shown on our installation page, here.

Locker Rooms

For locker room use, we have designed the ultimate portable folding chair. These can be customized in different seat heights with a wider seat option available. They can also be customized with arms and caster wheels. The beauty of our portable folding chairs for locker rooms is the compactness of fold, ease of handling, and storage space savings without compromising comfort.

When UCLA was in the process of renovating their men's and women's basketball locker rooms, they were looking for a taller chair with a wider seat. Our Model PS100W in a 22" seat height and 19.5" width met all of their needs. To top it off, we embroidered UCLA on the backrest for a more luxurious look.

Model PS100W - 22" Seat Height

To learn more about what makes us the preferred portable seating chair for schools and teams across the country, contact us today!


We've recently acquired Clarin Portable Seating Line from Hussey Seating! Read more about how we're staying on top of the game.

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