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duke sideline seats


Folding sideline chairs for players, coaches and spectators - customized with your team, school or sponsor logo.

Spec Seats sideline chairs are a high-quality portable chair option for any athletic event. Sideline seating options are perfect for sports team players, coaches, event centers and company corporate events. Our sideline chairs are designed for maximum comfort, extreme durability and flexibility. We also allow for different seating heights up to 30” tall. 

Treat your team to custom sideline chairs for the next game

Our top picks for sideline chairs

DS100 Portable Chair

DS100 portable chair with Michigan State Spartans logo

ABS700 Portable Chair

ABS700 March Madness chair

ABS800C Portable Chair

ABS800C Portland Trailblazers

PS100 Portable Chair

PS100 Detroit Lions chair

Folding sideline chairs made for maximum comfort to support your team

Spec Seats sideline chairs are a great choice for sporting events and for your team. Our sideline chairs are comfortable and customizable so your team can focus on watching the game. 

Experience the comfort and durability of our team sideline chairs

Sideline Chair Solutions

CS100 Portable Chair

CS100 chair

DS100C Portable Chair

 DS100C chair

ABS800 Portable Chair

ABS800 chair

ABS800W Portable Chair

ABS800W Duke logo chair

ABS800W-C Portable Chair

ABS800WC LA Rams logo chair

ABS700CC Portable Chair

ABS700CC Centennial South branded chair

ABS750 Portable Chair

ABS750 chair

ABS750W Portable Chair

ABS750W with Lexus logo chair

PS100-S Portable Chair

PS100 with Baylor logo chair

PS100W-S Portable Chair

PS100W UK logo chair

PS100W Portable Chair

PS100W Pitt logo chair

ABS750W-30 Portable Chair

ABS750W Atlanta United FC logo chair

Store your sideline chairs securely with Spec Seats storage carts

HG36 Chair Storage Cart

Model HG36 chair storage cart

HG48 Chair Storage Cart

HG48 storage cart

We offer custom sideline chairs so your portable seats can match any team event

Get your team’s logo printed on your sideline chairs for the ultimate team experience. We also offer a variety of add-ons to further customize your folding sideline chairs.

Start your sideline seating bulk order 

To get your bulk order started, fill out the form on the contact page or give us a call at 323-954-7100

We've recently acquired Clarin Portable Seating Line from Hussey Seating! Read more about how we're staying on top of the game.

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