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view of arena seating from stage


Arena chairs designed for flexible and mass row seating systems.

Portable arena folding chairs to maximize event level floor seating and telescopic retractable risers.

Our arena folding chairs are equipped with a manual or automatic flip up seat to allow for ease of egress between rows with under-seat black chalkboard numbering. 

Experience the true comfort of premium arena seating

A few of our favorite arena seats

AS100 Portable Chair

AS100 arena seat

GS100 Portable Chair

GS100 arena seat

ABS700 Portable Chair

ABS700 arena seat

A high-quality commercial folding chair option to fit any venue

Spec Seats’s Arena Seating solutions are constructed with interlocking ganging brackets for quick setup/teardown and for connecting chairs in straight rows. Our arena folding chairs can also be used for a variety of different venues all while providing a high-quality and comfortable seating experience.

Take a seat in our luxury arena chairs

Arena seating solutions

MS100 Portable Chair

MS100 arena seat

CS100 Portable Chair

CS100 arena seat

DS100 Portable Chair

DS100 arena seat

GS100C Portable Chair

GS100C arena seat

ABS500 Portable Chair

ABS500 arena seat

ABS700W Portable Chair

ABS500 arena seat

ABS700C Portable Chair

ABS700C arena seat

ABS700CC Portable Chair

ABS700CC arena seat

ABS700WC Portable Chair

ABS700WC  Gray arena chair

Personalize your arena chairs to fit your event

We have a wide range of add-ons and chair extension options for your premium folding arena chairs so every bulk order is unique to your seating needs.

Start your arena seating bulk order 

To get your bulk order started, fill out the form or give us a call at 323-954-7100

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We've recently acquired Clarin Portable Seating Line from Hussey Seating! Read more about how we're staying on top of the game.

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