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In 1925, Clarin Seating created the first all-steel folding chair in the United States. Its innovative design set the industry standard for comfort, performance, and value. They used an X-frame with a double-tube and channel folding chair frame technology for superior strength and flexibility which is still used today; with this technology the chairs can withstand wear and tear and are proven to last decades.


After World War II, the demand for portable seating increased greatly because of the rising enrollment in public schools, and Clarin grew steadily as the market did. Clarin was the first seating company to implement a logo on their chairs in the early 1970’s. Schools, athletic departments, professional sports leagues, arenas and stadiums all over the country used the chairs as an opportunity to display their logo for branding, marketing and sponsorships. The chairs became an opportunity for each venue to customize colors, comfort, logos, height, and to generate additional revenue.


Clarin was sold, but part of the original family owners segued into a new portable seating venture and called it Spec Seats, whose foundations were built on heightened customization with a modern aesthetic. Spec Seats became highly sought after due to its modern engineering practices and its ability to customize/modify their seating products to each customer’s specific requirements: such as comfort, logos, colors, seat heights, on-center dimensions, front-to-back (chairs footprint), armrests, cupholders, footrests, durability, and customer satisfaction.


In 2022, Spec Seats acquired Clarin Seating. This merger was seamless and felt like a special homecoming bringing the two companies together, combining their rich knowledge with over a century of hands-on experience in the institutional portable seating industry. That’s why the Spec Seats - Clarin brand is recognized as the No. 1 preferred portable seating system provider in the world, supplying and working with arenas, auditoriums, stadiums, amphitheaters, convention centers, collegiate, places of worship, performing arts, government, and is the most sought after folding chair in the sports world, providing seats for all 30 NBA teams for team bench, courtside & locker rooms, supplier to the NBA,NCAA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NJCAA, & NAIA.


Spec Seats - Clarin is now embarking on a new venture with direct-to-consumer chairs; as an NBA, MLB, NCAA licensee and special events supplier where fans can now purchase the chairs they see at the games and tournaments. These chairs have proven to be a nostalgic and memorabilia addition for fan-caves, special rooms, and places of business for people to connect with these events and to bring the game home. Find these chairs at SPEC SEATS SHOP.




We've recently acquired Clarin Portable Seating Line from Hussey Seating! Read more about how we're staying on top of the game.

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