These removable armrests with or without cup-holders are designed to provide additional comfort and connect easily with our chair ganging brackets. Our unique feature is that these armrests can be attached for use on row ends (right or left), between linked chairs as common center arms, and/or individual armchairs to accommodate any row/seating configuration. These armrests allow the flexibility for creating a truly multi-purpose seating system with molded armrest top – upholstered arm pad and/or cup-holder attachment.


These permanent armrests were created to provide additional portable seating comfort where special seating areas are required. The unique "patented" feature is designed with the folding chair in the open (sitting) position the chair armrest can be used in the up and/or folded down to allow additional spacing between chairs.  Also, with the chair in the closed position it's easier for storage and compactness for space savings.  These permanent armrests can be used as a single folding armchair and setup with a common armrest between ganged chairs or as double folding armchair. The finished armrest top can be either a molded rubber, material fabric top, and/or a cup-holder armrest attachment. Each arm adds approximately 3.5" to on-center - common arm between chairs.


All our portable folding chairs can be manufactured with swivel caster wheels. These "patented" portable folding chairs w/wheels are designed so the front wheels are mounted on the outside of the front leg frame and the rear wheels are mounted on the inside of the rear leg frame, respectfully.  In this way the front and rear wheels do not interfere with each other, when the chair is folded. Not only are the chairs used for easy mobility - they take up less room to store and move than the conventional wheel type chairs.  They are ideal for portable multi-purpose use such as Press Row, Locker Room, Loge, Meeting Rooms, and Conference Room seating.


Spec Seats provides various linking brackets for quick and easy interlocking. There are various sizes to accommodate specific venues on-center dimension requirements – radius configurations and accommodate our removable portable armrests. They are designed to be non-obtrusive and for ease of set-up and take-down. The unique feature is that these chairs will not un-lock when pushed forward or backward. Wider options available.


This "patented" removable spacer bracket attaches to our standard ganging bracket to allow for wider on-center spacing between chairs for temporary seating requirements. For example the standard removable spacer bracket converts the Spec Seats' 181/4" (46cm) on-center ganged chairs to a 20" (50.8cm) on-center setup for special events. This allows your special event portable seating system greater flexibility for those multi-purpose applications.



Spec Seats patented design for application on double tube and channel metal folding chairs with special molded easy snap fit panel strips. These changeable bumper strips come in a variety of colors and/or can be personalized to promote the image of your venue, company, team or event.


We can provide a variety of removable kick-plate panels that are made of black sintra (various colors backgrounds) digital vinyl with 3mil laminate (single sided signs) that can be attached to the chairs front and/or rear legs. They can be personalized to increase ad revenue streaming for special seating events.


We manufacture a variety of folding chair back game cover sizes that can be fitted and sewn or used as basic overlays. You can design these covers with a wide selection of color choices and material options. Then personalize them with a special logo silk-screened, embossed or embroidered.


Spec Seats' has several types of seat identification choices - decals, magnets - metal attachment plates and our standard under-seat chalkboard.


The decals provide for a more consistent, easier handling, less costly, and quick solution to identify sections, rows, and/or seats. They are made of special multi-layered plastic coated material into die-cut decals of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Usually a white background with silk-screen printing, adhesive backing for simple stick-on attachment to any hard base flat surface, leaves no residue, and are reusable. These decals are water and stain resistant, non-tearing, and can be custom for regular or specific event layouts to meet facility seat identification requirements.